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It was telling him to take her, to take all of them as his Holed – HOLED – Buyer.

He had a legitimate claim to the throne
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Once she was locked in place the man gave her a hard slap on her ass and the machine came to life, Yuko placed her lips to Xandra's in a passionate kiss like she had done to the first girl she seen spitted here, Xandra wanted to scream out in pain like so many other girls before her but Yuko held tight to her lips and would not let her, when they both felt the spit enter the back of her throat Yuko knew the end of Xandra was near, released her hold on her lips and took a step back, from here she could see more was going on then just the spitting, both of her breast had a section cup attached with a long needed injecting something into them while a saw blade had slit open her belly dumping all her guts into a steel bin, Yuko was scared now, Xandra looked into Yuko's eye's and mouthed the words “I love you” as the spit came out of her mouth,

“I don’t want to be property” Yuko said as they reached the stage and started to walk up the steps, “Then volunteer” Xandra replied, “What do you mean?” Yuko said as they stopped to watch the first girl get spitted and scream out in pain as the spit exited her mouth dripping blood, “Tell the man who called out the numbers that you want to ride the spitting machine after they put me over the fire” Xandra said as the first girl was lifted out of place and was lowered to a free pit to start cooking and Xandra reluctantly approached the machine and a large men came over, forced her hands behind her back and tied them tight, Xandra then lifted her leg over the machine to straddle it and rested her chest to the padded platform and slipped her breast though the holes so they would hang below the padded platform https://xxxvideo1.net/11-min.html.

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The wine flowed freely and when the dessert was finished, everyone was feeling pretty relaxed and loose, xxxvideo1.net.
Nancy looked at her sister with an expectant smile on her face, waiting for more details

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